Trial Pitting

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Trial Pitting Services

Trial pitting involves excavating a hole in order to visually inspect the ground. Often these are dug using a mechanical excavator to depths of 2-3mbgl and are often combined with BRE365 soakage tests. They are also often by hand-excavated, particularly where buried features such as foundations and services are to be located and inspected.

Trial pits can be a relatively high-risk activity, especially in striking underground services and working in and around deep excavations. The work comes under a variety of different safety regulations around confined spaces, manual handling, working at height, PUWER and LOLER amongst others. Our operatives are fully trained and hold an appropriate range of certificates including in services avoidance, site safety supervision, temporary shoring etc.

Trial Pitting is perfect for visually inspecting shallow soils and some of the benefits of the technique are:

Downsides of this technique are: 


Need An Expert Geotechnical Survey For Your Project?


Need An Expert Geotechnical Survey For Your Project?

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