Dynamic Sampling

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Dynamic Sampling Services

We investigate shallow ground conditions using an Archway Dart dynamic sampling rig. This is also known as Window Sampling (incorrectly*) and is an excellent technique for shallow investigation like traditional low-rise construction projects. The drill rig is lightweight and small diameter, meaning it is relatively low impact.

The rig can carry out SPT testing, dynamic probing, and undisturbed sampling. Good quality samples are recovered in plastic liners for logging and sub-sampling. The mast can be detached and operated up to 20m away; excellent for difficult access sites such as narrow alleyways or basements.

The main benefits of the technique are:

Downsides of the technique are:

Things to consider are:


Need An Expert Geotechnical Survey For Your Project?


Need An Expert Geotechnical Survey For Your Project?

*When originally developed, the sample barrels were driven into the ground using a hydraulic breaker and had narrow slits down the side (called “windows”). The samples were gouged out manually by hand – very time consuming and very poor quality! As a result, the technique was developed to become “Windowless” meaning the sample barrels are lined with a plastic tube which contain the sample. The proper name is “Dynamic” sampling because the sample tubes are now driven in using a percussive hammer, not a breaker. We do still offer window and windowless sampling, but the dynamic sampling rig does the majority of the work!

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