Soakage Testing

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Soakage Testing Services

Rainwater collected on roofs and driveways needs to be discharged somewhere. Sewers are often already overloaded and there are risks of exacerbating flooding. Wherever possible, water is discharged into the ground on-site. This is also more sustainable, reducing the volume of water arriving at waterworks and helping to recharge groundwater levels which are important for water supplies and drought protection in summer.

A similar Percolation Test is also needed when designing the drainage fields for small scale foul water treatment plants. Tests are also needed when considering SUDs such as permeable paving.

What is Soakage Testing?

There is a wide range of different soakage tests. What they all have in common at the basic level is filling a hole up with water and recording the time it takes to drain away. The data is used a calculate an Infiltration Rate, from which drainage can start to be designed. Sometimes the water won’t drain away and other solutions may need to be explored.

The type of test needed will depend on:


Need An Expert Geotechnical Survey For Your Project?


Need An Expert Geotechnical Survey For Your Project?

We can set up and run any form of different soakage test (there are 10+ different test methods available) but some of the more common types are:

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