Rotary Drilling

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Rotary Drilling Services

Cable Percussion (or Shell and Auger) has been traditionally used in the site investigation industry for deeper boreholes in soft strata to determine parameters for pile designs and deep earthworks etc. The method can be inaccurate, dangerous and yield poor quality samples and test data.

We drill deeper boreholes using our new Massenza MI-2 rotary drilling rig. We are able to match Cable Percussion drilling rates and can drill up to 60m in soft or hard strata including bedrock!

We use a range of techniques depending on the depth, ground conditions, and sampling/testing requirements, including dynamic sampling with rotary follow-on, T2/T6 drilling for core recovery, wireline and Geobor S applications.

If you are purchasing one of our fixed-price packages or requesting a custom quote, we will decide on the relevant scope of testing necessary within the budget to meet the objectives of the report.

Alternatively, you can arrange specific laboratory tests if you know the individual tests you require.


Need An Expert Geotechnical Survey For Your Project?


Need An Expert Geotechnical Survey For Your Project?

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